It’s all pretty straight forward, just let me know some flavours or meals you like the look of, how you see it being served e.g. table service or buffet. Together we work out a menu for the nights meal. 

Prices start from $75 per head for a three course meal, cooked and served on site. There is a minimum of 4 people for this special experience. I also provide private “Date night” meal experiences, please contact me for further information.

We provide the serving platters and tableware, and use our own pots and pans etc. We are also happy to use equipment provided if preferred.For these events I have a side kick helping me, and will be able to serve drinks and provide a clean up service as well. 

This is covered in the cost, however if you would like someone to stay late to serve drinks, we then charge $30 per hour after dinner service has finished and has been packed down. 

The dinner service runs for 4 to 4.5 hrs, where myself and my trusty side kick arrive 2hrs before hand, with meals prepped, and ready to cook, plate and serve. This service runs over a 1.5hr time frame, with 30 – 50mins to pack down so you can continue the rest of your evening with a clean kitchen. 

For the event we ask for a 50% non refundable deposit to be paid one week in advance, with the second payment made within the following week of event. It’s all pretty fun and straight forward, with the next step to play with food and service ideas!