I try to cook something for everyone  

Conscious eaters

Diagnosed as a Type 1 Diabetic in 2009 while training as a chef with a good eye for pastries,  things quickly turned away from sugar, and quickly leaned towards life style changes and big ones!

There became the aim to eat healthy, fresh, organic, local as mush as possible. So when I don’t, I’m not hard on my self, it’s the crunch of a potato chip that gets me, and fried things if we must be honest! 

When being told the story of a client I always feel great pleasure in helping people get food into there bellies when life is happening in one way or another – a mum who has had leg surgery, a work colleague who’s sister has died…

Lots of flavours & local ingredients

With a background in Middle Eastern, French and Asian cuisines – the meals arrive as a flavour filled delight, taking in mind the nutritional value, avoiding processed ingredients. I try to shop local, support the little guys, high quality, organic, spray free seasonal fruit and veg, as people are becoming more aware of what goes into the big and costly process of the food chain. The local Farmer’s Market is a BIG part of my week.

Every meal may be  slightly different but will always be delicious, as my recipes continue to evolve based on seasonal availability and what ever fresh ingredients are in the fridge. 

After living in Australia for the past 18 years, working in all areas of hospitality – the past 9 years as a chef in a range of kitchens – I moved home to Whangarei in 2017. I am now in the second year of running a small ground roots catering and private chef business, to bring the community healthy, hearty, zesty, affordable organic meals. 

A meal for everyone – a range dietary requirements and palettes

With a background in a wide range of cuisines, I am able to cook meals for family dinners or single working people who just don’t have the energy to cook, small dinner parties, canapés or romantic picnics or corporate events.  

I am able to cook vegan, gluten-free, sugar-free, organic and sustainable all for a reasonable price with amazing tastes! My favourite flavours are Asian, Middle Eastern and Mexican plus all the classic meals us Kiwis love and grew up with! Send me a message or give me a call, treat yourself to meals made with love!